Could It Be?

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tonight we went out with Andy and his wife, plus 2 cute and awesome kiddos.  Joy and I were so excited to go and I grew even more excited as she was able to hear from Andy how Emmaus Church came about.  We were talking and enjoying food when the conversation turned for me.  I had mentioned how it was hard for me to separate from family and decide if we were suppose to go to Denver.  The next few moments blew me away after that, not just because of the great truth in it all, but because when I was fasting God showed me the same exact thing that Andy was telling us.  I felt as if God grabbed my hand tonight and said, “Hey do you remember this?  Do you remember what I showed you in the midst of your fast?  Thanks for coming and be ready to be used.”  Maybe that is weird sounding to some, but God seemed to confirm exactly what He stated to us in the beginning.  How awesome that He ask us to step in faith toward Him and that He would walk with us on this journey.  I am so thankful.

I have thought a couple of times about the opposite side of things.  What if I would have stayed in Dallas and got even more involved with the Village Church?  I was in intimate relationships with people that pushed me to serve the Lord, and I could possibly be getting a promotion at work soon.  Would that have been God’s will?  Truth is God sets us up with different decisions to make and pushes us to make them at times.  His will could have been in either place, but He showed me to Denver to use the gifts I have.  If you are waiting in your life to see what the will of God is and waiting on “His calling,”  you may just be delaying your obedience.  Wouldn’t this be disobedience?  I have many times looked for God’s call, but when I prayed, fasted, listened… He has always shown me what to do.   Maybe He doesn’t always show me by making it obvious, but He always pushed me along a path that I would choose His work.  If it is all about Him and not about us, wouldn’t that make it easier to follow knowing His will will be done?  I hope you are catching what I am throwing at you.

Lord You are good and your words never fail.


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