Say Hello and Wave Goodbye

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yes I got the post title from David Gray’s song that I am listening to for the first time right now.  I feel the title it is appropriate though.  As I have put the blog off for the past week I have been thinking about writing it so much.  There is so much to say, so I will be doing a couple blogs this week to keep everyone up with what is going on.

Lets get down to it.  It has been a month since Joy and I drove up to the Mile High City.  We have met struggles, comfort, accountability, and encouragement during this month.  I personally can’t express how hard it was to leave my family behind.  I shed many many tears because of the process of leaving what I know, to go out on this journey.  There have been times I have thought, “Lord have I caused pain and possible sickness through my decision?”  When this comes up it always seems that God is there reminding me of the fact that this IS His will.  So Joy has had laryngitis for over 9 weeks and there has been times of tears spilled over this.  There have been crazy things happen in which would turn minds away from the task at hand but the Lord has kept us going forward.  So how is it that so much seems crazy and we are walking through?  Through obedience in our move to Denver the Lord has walked next to us every step of the way.  We moved looking forward to helping the start of a church that is built around the gospel, community, and missions.  Not only does Emmaus Church have those things but they have been put on display towards Joy and I through every step here.  We have been ministered to, fed well, loved on, encouraged, held accountable, prayed for, and driven to love the Lord more.  Everything we thought could happen has and more.  Everyday that we are here we are taken back to the way church should have been all along. How is church happening in the middle of a city full of people that do not care about God?  How is it that people that don’t care about each other in the city are being reached by folks that are willing to step out and love?  The Holy Spirit has  been busy and so our smiley faces have come into the middle of darkness where people would look at us as outcasts.  This is not the bible belt anymore.  Our journey is new everyday in a foreign place.  So with all that is happening which seems hard it seems like everything is falling into place perfectly.  I can’t wait to see the next day.

Here is a real quick glance at blessings that have been happening lately.  Joy had to step down from her job in which was our only income.  Within a couple days of this we received donations from various people that gave us just under the amount of our rent, so we will make it another month!  We have been shown that we need to expect to be ministered to here from people at the church.  This caused me to take into account that I want to hold on to pride and keep pressing on.  That is not right in our journey to glorify God.  Thanks for dinner and a game of clue the Lord has shown us that we are not only ministering to people but being ministered to. Wake up and smell the Keurig, or roses for those of you who don’t have a Keurig.  I have been able to get to know great people that want to love the Lord just like us and I have met many people that do not know our Lord at all.  I have not had a dull moment.  Keep checking back in the next couple days as I sort through some thoughts, whats going on, and stories of things that have happened specifically.

  1. matt says:

    I love you.

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