I’m Sick of It

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since Joy and I have gotten to Denver we have had sickness.  She already had the paralyzed vocal cord, started developing a cough, and would soon get strep throat.  I was trying to take care of her the best I could (being married is a new thing for me) but I would soon have to go to the doctor myself because my coughing and breathing had become so labored that I was struggling to get through the day.  The doc didn’t do much but give me a bunch of anti-biotics.  It’s funny how doctors don’t care whenever you don’t have insurance… so they just said, “Well if you have pneumonia then hopefully this will take care of it.”  I found that this time was one of the hardest times for me as my body also tries to acclimate to the new altitude that we live at.  I drank a cup of coffee 2 days after I finished my steroids and other meds and got dizzy.  I actually had to drink a huge glass of water and sit down because I felt so weird.  I realized that I have to drink a huge amount of water.  I am drinking twice the amount that I did when I was in Texas.  Acid reflux and other things give me different feelings from what they did in Texas as well.  Its all new to me!  Though alot of things are getting better and I am taking breathing treatments right now I covet your prayers as I finally start work next week.  We had to lay low and not even go to church stuff because of sickness.  So now that we are getting better we are praying for the strength to get out and go.  Joy is now looking for jobs as well.  We have great hopes of reaching the city as we go about our daily lives.  One thing that you can do for us is keep praying for us to live in a way that glorifies God and attracts people to Him.  We moved here for the reason of doing missions and living in true community but only if it was glorifying to Him and a part of His will.

A second favor that I want to ask from anyone that can possibly do it is to put me in contact with anyone you know that lives in the Denver area.  Since we just moved up here recently we would like a native Denverite, or someone that has lived here, to tell us more about the city. We would love to take someone out to get coffee/dinner just to simply learn.  We want to see what places are good to eat at, what life is like in different parts of the city, how to be more effective relationship builders… other easy questions.  The things we want to learn do not allude to the church here but is geared toward gaining a deepened knowledge of where we live and our mission field.  So if possible let me know contacts in the Denver area if you know any.  Thanks for your cooperation and prayer.

Check in tomorrow… I will be writing about a cool need that we got to fulfill this past week simply by bringing too much stuff up to Denver!


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