God Provides

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I said a couple days ago that I would post something “tomorrow”.  I guess I forgot that deal.  I wanted to follow up with an exciting thing that God did……. just by providing for us first.  First of all, I can’t say names but will share the gist of the story with you anyways.  When we decided to move up to Denver Joy and I were looking hard for a 2 bedroom apartment or large one bedroom apartment that could supply a place to meet for Emmaus if given the opportunity.  With God being over all and His sovereignty coming into place it seemed we could not find a place within our range in money.  We had a potential place that could have been a little larger but instead everything fell through.  We ended up getting an apartment in the last week before we got here and it ended up being a very nice, but VERY small, one bedroom apartment.  We ended up bringing enough for a 2 bedroom apartment but found out that the “storage unit” was just a box in the laundry room here.  We have so much stuff now that we have to get rid of, or store, that we didn’t know what to do.  We had a full size mattress set/frame leaning against the wall in our room just making the already small room into a tiny one.  This is something we could have tried to store but God showed us there was another use for the bed.  

With God’s sovereignty looming, the next part was out of my hands.  There was a man that had a little brother in the juvenile system.  The parents are not there and the kid ended up in trouble. Only being in his twenties himself, the brother is using all of his money to try to adopt his brother.  With paying fees to lawyers and other things there is no money to provide for other things.  This is where Emmaus came into the life of this family.  Andy has been in this guy’s life for the past year and felt that we should try to come up with some things to help him with his brother.  He simply asked us all as a group how we could step up.  He said, “Maybe we can get him a bed or something.”  I could feel the joy in my heart when I heard this and without thinking offered the mattress set we had at our apartment.  I wouldn’t recommend this necessarily when you are married!  Ha!  Joy was not there so the others recommended I talk to her.  When I got home that night I told Joy that we were getting rid of the bed by giving it to someone.  Ummmm, I guess I still didn’t ask but I did tell her the situation and her heart felt the same.  How cool is this!  We found ourselves sick and ended up having the bed for a month before we got rid of it… but hey, this guy has a bed.  I urge you to look at the extras you have and give to others.  We are still trying to take inventory on things and are wanting to figure out how to serve with our extras.  Can’t wait for another way to serve and I am grateful to be serving with people in Emmaus.  I love this church and their heart.  They are simply doing great things through the gospel to glorify God in the highest.  We are pushed to do more because of them.


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