The Damned Truth

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why the title?  Most people know I wouldn’t talk around folks like that usually but there is a very good reason why I titled this blog the way I did.  I hope that by the end of the blog you may find the reasoning in the words I have typed.  This is not an entry where I spend my time going off about one of my opinions or the way I see things.  This entry describes everything about the daily life that I find myself living right now in Denver.

When Joy and I moved to Denver I even struggled to see the big picture of things.  Yes I thought of things through and all of the statistics, numbers, and many of other things to do with Denver, its people, and culture.  We knew we were coming and believe me its just not Texas anymore.  We went from bible belt beliefs where a vast majority of people think they are saved and ok with God to a culture where people just outright don’t care….. so on to the Damned Truth.

I just spent almost 5 hours hanging out with all of my neighbors in my apartment complex.  There were about 9 of us out there and within the group was a runner/healthy lifestyle person, an atheist, 3 gay guys, a christian, and people that just live pretty much the basic life of the usual American.  I have spent the last 7 months of my life trying to build relationships with these people and trying to show them what God has done in my life.  I care tremendously for all of my neighbors but let me be very real with you when I say that it is hard.  All of these folks are starting to talk about every vulgar thing that can come to mind and are starting to drink various alcoholic beverages.  None of them give a second thought to what they are laughing at, what they are doing, what they can’t remember the next day, or themselves period.  As I stood there quiet (not my personality trait) and listening they were describing their stories that have happened to them since moving in (within the last 6-7 months).  It is astonishing that there are people hooking up sexually, getting drunk and waking up in people’s closets that they don’t really know, the “walk of shame” when they get caught leaving another person’s apartment early in the morning, knocking on people’s doors after midnight and reading sex novels, being drunk, smoking mary jane (its rampant everywhere you go in Denver), etc.  I finally had to take a break.  I walked out half a block and just sat down to myself, trees, grass, and the moon.  It was only God, His creation and me out tonight while I was struck by everything even more.  These people don’t care at all that their next breath may not be there.  They make up excuses that they don’t believe in God so they can continue living life “as they please.”  They say that they aren’t sure about God yet but will tell you they are sure that they are gay and can live the way they want.  Oh and incase you think that its about the sin of homosexuality and I am pointing it out, the straight guys/girls actions of being drunk and having sex and other things outside of marriage are just as much sin and even more!  Even those that run and take extremely good care of their body all have different things that they do to completely show they are enemies of God.  Here is the damned truth.   I was no different and God changed my life forever.  I can’t go back and live the way I was and every day He show’s me something else that He can purify me of to bring me closer to Him.  The damned truth is that if God doesn’t intervene in our lives then we are just lost, never to find our way.   The damned truth is without God we are throwing ourselves in the arms of God’s adversaries which He will bring judgement upon.  God saved me and everyday He works that out with me even more.  What does that mean?  He constantly shows me His love through showing me how He died for sins that I can’t get out of my life on my own.  He died for me, and others that believe, so that we may be truly shown the way on the narrow path to an eternity with Him.  The damned truth is Jesus will cast all others away from Him and His wrath will be poured out.  Jesus will make His enemies His footstool (Psalms 110:-7) and crush them.  My tears could never flow more.  How do we show people their destruction which they are inducing upon their own life?  How do we get the gospel to those who need to hear even if it is the millionth time you have shared?  How many times will a Christian forget that they are no different outside of God intervening in their own life?  When will we share the damned truth?  When will Christians realize that their Christian bubble of friends is not the only place they need to be?  What about the fact that we as Christians forget to pay attention to our surroundings as if God never changed our hearts?  I weep because for far to long I have been in this game and for far too long I spent my life thinking that having a theological discussion with a friend about this was changing it.  We forget that Jesus Himself made himself available to sinners.  What happened to that in our lives?  As I sat their tonight with my neighbors all I wanted to do is weep.  They are damned.  Without the truth, they have nothing but destruction coming and I should be no different. My last question is are you damned or do you know Jesus?   The truth is He forgives and changes your life.  Without Jesus its more than being damned, its being destroyed by the thoughts that instead of the almighty God you chose everything else over Him for eternity.  You chose sexual sin, drunkenness, hate, and every other way you can wrong God but that led you to nothing.  God provides everything to those that believe.    I was the same but He intervened.  Now ask yourself this, is this blog the way He is trying to intervene for you?


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