Before the Day Slips Away

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This morning, as I was making some coffee to drink, I sat down to sing praises to the Lord.  I had already read about Jesus leaving so we could have the Holy Spirit and now I was basking in the good news that everyday I have the ability to walk with our God.  This isn’t something that should be taken lightly!

The song that I sang was :

Though in the morning it is hard to get up, this time is there for great reason.  My friend Matt asked me a few years ago how my walk with the Lord was going.  My reply was, “well I am struggling with my quiet time with the Lord.”  His reply was simple yet brutally honest, “Brad when are you going to stop trying to make time with the Lord and start living and walking with Him?”  I felt so stupid because I realized that I was doing my few moments with the Lord and wanting it to suffice for the rest of the day I would live without striving hard for Him.  This awakened me to the thought that Jesus devoted His entire life to give glory to God and was obedient to God unto death.  This is no small thing.  This wasn’t five minutes a day.  He left His place in the heavens to be born a virgin, live around 30-35 years devoted to God the Father, died on a cross (undeserving but obediently), and rose again.  What would it look like for us to follow in Jesus footsteps?  (Not literally die on a cross, there is no need to die unless He calls you to be a martyr)

So my question is if we have the Helper, why wouldn’t we want to start our day off and walk with our God the rest of the day?  Why wouldn’t we take pleasure in knowing that Jesus died for us, left so we could have the Holy Spirit so we can understand how to walk with God, and rely on Him the rest of the day?  This is just one way we can find ourselves seeing God in a way that we may never see Him.  So, Before the Day Slips Away… let’s meet, be filled and led by the Holy Spirit, and led to our Father by Him.  Lets feed on that for the rest of the day.   Let us walk freely because He has given us the ability to.


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