Drinking Out of a Water Hose

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Let’s face this together… things are not like they used to be.  We all can agree that since we were kids the world has changed.  I got to have a little of my parents generation growing up, along with mine, because parks still had pointy objects built on solid ground.  Kids would get their heads stuck climbing up into the spaceship with slides on it and people weren’t suing each other for it.  I remember having friends come over and we would ride our bikes around without fear of getting kidnapped and sent off to be in a sex ring.  We would camp out in our backyard with a tent and drink from the water hose.  By the time I hit 6th/7th grade things started changing dramatically.  All the sudden there was access to internet (via dial-up connection) and the first chat rooms opened up. I remember the hard drive for computers being sold at that time had like a hundredth of the space they do now and things had to grow rapidly.  Why?  Napster and other folks came along and made files downloadable and people started seeing potential in mp3 and digital things.  Then soon enough MySpace happened followed by Facebook.  This movement has not stopped.  Facebook plays a vital role in everybody’s life.  What is the first thing you do when you get married? Change your status on Facebook.  What is the first thing you do when pregnant?  You release the photo of your baby in the womb so people can congratulate you.  Statuses are left to draw attention or to gain something from other people.  Pretty soon the “social media” seemed to take over everything that seemed real.  What I have seen is that youth do not know how to get their life straight away from these things.  Their life evolves around being “friends” on the internet and drama will be had if you aren’t included in on something.  Why have we not seen this before?

Our youth have not realized everything through internet, tv, and smart phones are taking away their ability to live a real social life.  Because of lives lived through these means many teens have lost touch with what it’s like to live life to the fullest.  Many kids even 7 years old and up are sexting, sending partially/fully nude photos to others because they either feel so much pressure to do so or they were actually forced to do it.  We have let our kids be raised by the internet, computers, and networks for long enough now that they have missed the boat with knowing anything moral.  Since taking my job as youth pastor I have been looking at things to see how teens character are built.  Yesterday I spent almost an hour in a question forum from teens where they were asking about the different things but most were sexually oriented.  They were asking about how to cover up their mistakes and how can they get the images away from people who had them.  Preteens and teens were asking about pregnancy and what to do if they were pregnant.  We have to realize the past is the past and now we are in the present.  We have to take action.  Stop acting like your child is too good for this because stats from 2 years ago show almost all teen boys have viewed porn and well over half of teen girls have.  The numbers are getting worse!  This is not a secret anymore.  If we as leaders and parents do not fight for them and with them… it won’t get any better!  I know you still have your thoughts, “Not my kid… nooooo.”  I truly pray your kid isn’t indulging.  There are some great parents which may have kids who have not partaken in this.  Being the best parent ever still does not take away every temptation that comes up.   We lived life with the ability to be away unconnected but now kids are caught in a web of crazy things.  Pray with your kids.  Read scripture with your kids.  Pay attention to their habits of trying to be secluded or emotional roller coasters.  Pay attention to when kids/ teens avoid problems.   We cannot play as though these things do not happen.  What would it hurt to protect and teach your child against it anyways?  Maybe weird awkward moments at most? Would an awkward moment be better than anything else happening?  Read this article to be awakened to new things!  Finally, let me, as youth minister be realistic with your kids and get other trustworthy adults in their life.  Let us walk with them and everyone bring them up in the ways of the Lord.

Jesus did not stop sitting on His throne.  He is still  reigning and able to bring your kids to Him.  Will we be the voice that our King uses to bring the kids/teens to him?  Lets speak and hope that it is…


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