We Need Leaders

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

The world needs leaders to stand up and drive our world, countries, states, counties, and cities.  Regardless of what the “no government” anarchist will say, people have always been in need of leaders.  I wonder why this is true?  We have democratic, communist, fascist or dictators, monarchies, and countries being ruled by their army.  Why?  Why would we see these people rise up to lead a nation regardless of what type of government their country has? There have been a need for leaders since the beginning.  God made everything in this vast universe.  He made giant planets and stars down to the individual cells of organisms on our lone planet Earth.  There is a cool page on the Top 10 Biggest Things in the Universe  which was written a little while ago.  Then you compare to the largest things in the universe to the tiniest parts of an atom and you see that God has the ability to create anything He wants, however He wants, to His specification.  When God made man He made man in His own image.  Part of man being in God’s image is that he is told to rule over the earth.  God is sovereign and in His image He made man sovereign.  Do you get it?

Sovereign defined is 1.  a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler or 2.  a person who has supreme power or authority.

So the Lord of all created man to rule with supreme power over the earth under God.  We were made to have this instinct.  If we read about titles of Jesus then we would see Messiah, King, Ruler, High Priest, Counselor,  or Christ.  These are a few descriptive titles to show that Jesus is even a leader.  In Philippians 2 it talks about Jesus as God whom steps down in humility only to be raised with His name higher than any other name.  So we can see that leadership is important and will continue to be.  If God is Supreme Leader on the grand scale then we are His image bearers on a smaller scale.  As believers we have to step up and lead over areas of creation and people as first designed before sin crept in.

Youth, I encourage you to take this to heart.  If you are a follower of a King that is ruling over your life then make it noticeable.  Let your actions show that you follow after a true and just Leader.  Take the chance to lead.  In our youth group I see your potential to lead worship, prayer, discussion, and other things so people may follow our Lord better.  What I don’t see is kids stepping up to take things under their belt.  I don’t see kids going out and taking over ministry as the Lord has given them the ability to do.  I don’t even see kids welcoming new people in by just saying hi.  We need leaders in the youth group which will take worshipping our Lord to a new level.  We need youth who know Christ to lead in a way that shows Christ to other people.  Take back our Sundays where you say meaningless things or nothing at all to promote the kingdom of God.  When we start Wednesday nights we will need people to step up and serve and lead others to Jesus throne.  There has to be leaders in this situation.  I, as your youth pastor, will walk with you down this road.  Take my hand and walk with me.  Realize that being a leader will have hard times, we will mess up, and there is grace to walk in on the other side of things.  Lets go together to our Lord.  Who will go with me?  Who will step up and be a leader?  Pray about it and then approach Justin or me about it.  Let’s do this!  Who will help lead our youth?


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