False Teachers

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are many “Christian” musicians out there which make good music but the lyrics do not show much richness in theology.  Some artists are making exactly that……….. music, just music.  They aren’t heeding to correct theology and can teach things which would hurt or impair the theology of people in the church if they are not careful.  I have noticed that many Christian rappers and hip hop artists are representing the gospel in ways that Christian rock, country, and gospel aren’t.  My focus today would be with one specific rapper.  Shai Linne.  He is dope! Is that the good descriptive word for that?  I don’t know!  I just know that Shai packs a beat with great theology.  In one of his songs he is warning against wolves in sheep’s clothing or false teachers.  He is warning people everywhere to look out and even reaches the point to call out some of the heretics on tv doing “ministry” and really only gaining access to wallets.  Check out that video…

Shai isn’t scare to call people out but most of all he is not scared to rhyme about what matter, the gospel.  He raps about God’s attributes, theology, the atonement, and more.  Check this other song out….

So yeah, this explains why I drive around town wearing a v-neck shirt and skinny jeans breaking the mold by jammin to hip hop.  There is so much behind this music which can lead us straight to the Lord.  His message can be shown to others easily.  So… watch what you listen to!  I hope to follow-up with some more musicians which we can enjoy with a great gospel message.  Here is a possibility which I may bring up later….


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