New Plan for Blog

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I thought of trying out a new method to reach youth.  The thoughts I have, “How can I get youth talking about their current state of affairs?  What is on their minds?  How can I get them to spill the beans?  I decided one way to do that is to get them to let me post blogs, written by them, on my blog so they can be anonymous.  This may or may not work, but it gives them a way to post something without wondering if they will get feed back.  I truly hope they will send me some things they struggle with, how the Lord is working in their lives, how something is effecting their lives, or other topics.  So next week there may be new writing styles and that is why…  Pray for the youth as they already have enough on their plate and writing a blog can take away from time doing other stuff.  I will still post but I will make sure there is a way to differentiate between the posts.  Thanks for always reading!



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