I Freak Out Sometimes

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have hopes I can intentionally speak directly to the hearts of youth at South Pointe Church.  If you take a look at the previous blog you can see that I asked them to send me something that they deal with in life, include scripture, and on my end I will keep it anonymous.  With something like this it gives me the ability to pray for someone who wouldn’t ordinarily say something out loud and also gives them a chance to help others.  I hope to touch on some of these subjects as I speak on Wednesday nights.  With that said…. here is the first one written by ANONYMOUS.

I Freak Out Sometimes

Oh how I love those random moments when I can’t even look up…afraid of the silent judging…Or how about the times I can’t even ask for ketchup at McDonald’s…Thank you Anxiety, for always being there…NOT! You’re the reason I have trouble making friends…or even talking in front of them. And I just loved that little attack you gave me in class the other day…hands shaking, heart beating, the ‘tap tap tap’ on the desk as I try to talk in front of the class…Sometimes I can’t even send a text cause you have to jump in  with the worst possible outcomes…a simple “Hey” can give me a mini heart attack.Ok, I’ll be the one to admit that I struggle with controlling my sudden fear struck mind. Not gonna lie, I hurried to find these verses to write this. I should have looked them up earlier in life, but as I looked them up, it got me to thinking about them and how true they are…for example,

Psalms 55:22, “Cast Your Burden On The Lord, And He Will Sustain You; He Will Permit The Righteous To Be Moved.”

Although I rarely look up these verses, I do pray about this a lot! I’ve asked for God to take this anxiety away many, many, many times! And after praying and praying and still having these breakdowns…I thought God wasn’t listening…I got mad…upset…scared…But after thinking about it, I realized that this anxiety is what makes me…well me! It may not always be fun but it makes me that much stronger!Every breakdown or mini heart attack might hurt or make me cry…but it doesn’t kill me…it just proves that I can handle it. It proves that I’m not as weak as I seem.I believe that God didn’t give me this just to punish me or make me suffer, but to help me, and maybe, help others…Just remember…

John 14:27, “Peace I Leave With You. I Do Not Give To You As The World Gives. Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled And Do Not Be Afraid!”


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