Say Your Prayers

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

When I woke up this morning it was rough.  I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep more.  I ate some friendship bread, sat on the couch, and prayed to start my day off.  As I sat there praying my mind started wondering.  I don’t  remember what I was thinking about but 20 minutes later the only thing I had said to the Lord was, “Dear Lord.”  Everything else tapered off in the distance…..

How many people have had that happen?    I wonder why we are ok with that?  We have 24 hours in a day.  This is a stated fact.  There is no more or less hours in a day.  Days have 24 hours in them.  If we are too tired to pray, then we need life change.  This practice shows a problem.  People who are believers use their day to get stuff done, watch tv til absurd hours, read til sleepy, wake up last-minute in the morning, do other things impairing their waking up, and etc.  This is just truth!  So if the day is a literal 24 hours why is it we save just a little for the Lord?  This is not just an “Oops, I did it again” accident!  This is something that we don’t feel the least bit convicted about.  Why is it that way?

I am going to propose something to think about.  I think this is a heart problem.  If we can spend our day going through doing what we want and do not place priority for prayer, then we don’t understand who Jesus is.  If we can consistently live our life, day by day, without living with the Lord (in prayer) then we truly don’t care.  If we don’t care about what the Lord wants for our life, that He wants to reach us, and He made a way for us to pray to Him (through Jesus), then do we really care about anything to do with Him?  How can we go through our days, everyday, and put the God of all the Universe in our scheduled appointments?  Why don’t we live day by day with Him in constant communion?  When I die and stand before the Almighty will God remember my constant pleas, praise, petitions or will He remember that I never trusted Him to control my life, situations, or that I didn’t give Him praise?  Our hearts are not to be followed.  We must start glorifying God in our sleep so that when we are awake our time is devoted well to the God of all creation.  I encourage you to constantly fight the battle to be in a constant state of prayer.  Please……drive me to do the same.  Let’s give our hearts to Him daily because we love Him and He is giving us discipline.  Let’s watch our life, church, and relationships change because we are praying together.  Lets do this thing!

“You wanna walk with me
Well do ya?
You wanna walk with me
Well if you love me
Then just love me
Don’t you give me pretty words
Lay your life down at the altar
Let me see how serious you are”- The Wedding “Say Your Prayers”


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